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Kids Fun Yogyakarta

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Address : Jalan Wonosari km 10, Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul, Yogyakarta

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Kids Fun Yogyakarta

Do you want to spend the holidays with family? If so, come to Kids Fun Yogyakarta. With the concept of safety, affordable and fun, this place is worth a visit because the manager is promoting factors of safety for all rides displayed there. In addition, admission to enjoy all the games that were also affordable to all walks of life so you do not have to worry if you have to pay dearly. And lastly of course fun as the kids are happy, trying various games available on the Kids Fun Yogyakarta.

And because of the principle of safety is really emphasized in the Kids Fun Yogyakarta, then you do not need to worry if your children want to try to play in some games arena. This is because managers implementing international standards for all the rides are provided in the Kids Fun Yogyakarta.

In fact, for a gokart, the drivers are required to wear helmets and also a special uniform to maximize the protection of the rider. Not only that, to increase the confidence of the visitors, the manager of the Kids Fun cooperate with a health clinic that will always be ready to assist you if there are undesirable things happen. However, prevention is done by managers has also been maximized so that these things can be minimized.

Once out there in the Kids Fun kart arena Yogyakarta, now you’ll want to know how to get there? The place is located at Jalan Wonosari km 10, Sitimulyo, Piyungan, Bantul, Yogyakarta. And if you want to contact Kids Fun Yogyakarta to book a place, you can call them at phone number (0274) 435 3435. With a vast parking lot, then you do not need to worry because you can park your vehicle there. For security issues, the parking area is safe because it is limited by fences and also be a Kids

Fun site with Yogyakarta. So, you can go there anytime.
This place is classified into two, Kids Fun Park is open daily from 08.00 am – 18.00 pm and gokart rides open every day from 08:00 to 21:00 pm, and will close at 22:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Kids Fun Yogyakarta provides nearly 30 rides games that deserve to be tried by your children. Starting from the water rides like Splash Aqua, White Water Rafting, Bumper Boat, Grand Canyon, Ship Remote, and Bike Water.

Other rides are Boom – Boom Car, Fun Shooter, Dune Bug, Jurassic Park, Santa Fe Railway, Stage Pirates, Train Caterpillars, Flying Fox, Harley, Ferrari, Jet Rider, Juice Corner, and many others. So everything is done in one location only to pay the ticket cost Rp 40,000. And if your children have a talent for racing cars, they can try gokart arena. Well now, you need to be getting ready to go to a gokart arena.

Spur Motor Karting Kids Fun In Yogyakarta
Well now, if your children are ready to play a gokart? It looks really easy when watching someone play a gokart or racing on television. They just stay seated while the steering wheel and contort the body when in a corner. And now, turn your child play alone to challenge their courage. If they are interested in racing, go-kart rides would be the means required to be tested because they will be able to play their own to gain experience.

The first thing that must be considered by your children of course relates to a safety device that has been provided by the guide because the drivers are required to wear safety helmets and uniforms. This shirt is designed specifically for the race so that the safety of the rider can be maximized.

Type kart engines supplied in Yogyakarta Kids Fun is Honda GX270K1 made by JJ Amusement. Inc America and have met the standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials F – 24 and the abbreviated with ASTM. So the machine is safe to play because of international standard. Furthermore, the power used is a 4 stroke 350 cc to produce 9.0 hp or around 3600 rpm. With the engine specs and power like that, then people will feel challenged to conquer the terrain karting Kids Fun in Yogyakarta.

Types of karts are provided in this place divided into two categories, namely 6 units kart double and 6 units single karts. This type of kart double subdivided into 3 units kart double by using a single steering and 3 units again with double steering. So, you just choose the type of karts are suitable for your children. That way, they will feel satisfied playing around while conquering go-kart track at Kids Fun Yogyakarta.

Well if your children want to try this gokart arena, there is a separate ticket so you also must be prepared to pay around IDR 35,000 tickets. Children play with a cheerful, you are watching them too happy. If the holiday season has arrived, the place was getting crowded visited by tourists. This is not surprising because the Yogyakarta is one of the many tourist destinations that offer plenty of playing area. And when the go-kart enthusiasts still long, you too can train your children to stand in line waiting for their turn.

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