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Indonesia petrified wood sculpture

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Indonesia is rich with fossil stone specially in banten, west java. This natural petrified wood were made into an exotic art by indonesian artist

The process of petrification begins with three raw ingredients: wood, water and mud. A material formed by the silicification of wood, generally in the form of opal or chalcedony, in such a manner as to preserve the original form and structure of the wood. Also known as agatized wood; opalized wood; petrified wood; woodstone. Petrified wood has been preserved for millions of years by the process of petrification. This process turns the wood into quartz crystal which is very brittle and shatters. Even though petrified wood is fragile, it is also harder than steel.

m love by akmal jaya.jpg

torso 2 53x25x14 cm akmal 2016 (3).jpg

figure # 1 126x29x15  2016.jpg

hope 2016 120x27x17 cm 95 kg .jpg

Rudi H, Petrified Wood, 2017 Satu Hati 102x32x58 cm.jpg

melihat bintang 82x41x40 2016(1).jpg

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