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  1. wah asik nih tanggalnya.. pgn ikutt
  2. yudput29

    Lombok 9-14 september 2013

    wah, gue mau buat ajakan tgl 30 agust - 2 sept. sebenernya gw cuman mau dive, tp klo ada yg mau join hayo aja, harga dive bs kita goyang klo makin rame.
  3. yudput29

    hola from jakarta!

    @halimun krakatau boleh, sarwana juga boleh, karjaw sm bali sekalian hehehehe...
  4. yudput29

    hola from jakarta!

    @halimun kirim2 infonya dong kak hehehe..
  5. wahh seru, pas banget tanggalnya gue uda jadi pengganguran.. segera di sms ya bro! @ms_kakipegel
  6. Name: Bali, A Three Month Live Life Documentary Category: Field Report Dalam Negeri Date Added: 30 July 2013 - 03:42 PM Submitter: yudput29 Short Description: None Provided After Spending a 9 weeks or more in Bali, i discover a new life. I found happiness, friendship, good times and more experience. Bali is not only a place that i can spend for makingmoney and for having a good times, it's aalso a place for me to make my self more spiritualized. This is my first documetary video which i produce by myself, and sorry if there's no subtitle on it. In order for the backsound music, i thank all the artist from anywhere. Please enjoy my video. Thanks to bintang riyadi for making the last trip happen. Thanks to alit and agik for great footage while the time you've work for. And thank you for youtube artist for the great musical cover. View Video
  7. yudput29

    hola from jakarta!

    hai teman teman! gue Yudha, doyannya pantai, jd kalau mau diving atu beach hunting, hayo hayo aja :) ini beberapa video jalan jalan gue, http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj6_GgBTGDBNlaT9iHAxUgqOt5tilAJ2t gracias!