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  1. This immersive experience that takes place in one of the most iconic traditional Cianjur village, Sukaratu, will give you an in-depth look at Indonesia’s most basic business : agriculture. Guided by local people, we will learn about the history of Cianjur as a major rice producer in West Java and experiences the local way of life and tradition. It’s also the perfect place to start your journey to Gunung Padang, the misterious ancient megalithicum site and to Lampegan tunnel, the first train tunnel ever built in Indonesia from dutch colonization era. Participants are limited to 7 people, ensuring an intimate experience with a small group. HIGHLIGHTS Learn rice farming practice of the famous Pandanwangi brand, a premium rice that can only grow in this area. Meet and greet with Ayam Pelung, a poultry breed from Cianjur. The males (roosters) are considered to be “singing chickens†for their melodious crowing. Take a village tour and visit home industries. Play various type of unique traditional games with village children. Enjoy local food and stay at villager’s houses. Join the fun of eel hunting at night in a rice field using only a simple equipment. Eel is a very slippery beast. This activity will surely test your courage and hunting skills. Visit 415 metres long Lampegan tunnel, the oldest train tunnel in Indonesia built by the Dutch between 1879 and 1882. Explore Gunung Padang (which means “Mountain of Lightâ€, or “Mountain of Enlightenmentâ€), the megaliths arranged across five terraces that had been used as a place of meditation and retreat. Since Dutch colonists discovered it in 1914, Gunung Padang has been known (though not widely) as the largest ancient megalithic sites in Indonesia. Cost : IDR 440,000 / person Seat is limited for 7 persons only Please register before October 16, 2014 To register, text/SMS your Name and Email to 0821-2211-0960 (Anggun Himawan) or email to Other details (payment instruction, personal equipment) will be emailed after registration. WHAT IS COVERED Transportation Jakarta-Cianjur/Sukaratu/Gunung Padang-Jakarta Lunch 2x, dinner 1x, breakfast 1x 1 night accommodation at villager’s house (shared room) Village activities Local guide fee for village and Gunung Padang tour Entrance ticket fee Gunung Padang Gifts for village children (part of the cost will be used to buy book/pencil for the children) Snack, mineral water Trip photos, will be uploaded to Flickr ( ITINERARY Day 1, Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 5:00 = Meet at Jakarta pickup point (Pertamina petrol station Gatot Subroto, across Menara Jamsostek) 5:00-9:00 = Travel from Jakarta to Cianjur via Jagorawi-Puncak 9:00-10:00 = Arrive at Sukaratu village, check in to homestays 10:00-12:00 = Village tour : Ayam Pelung, home industries 12:00-13:30 = Lunch 13:30-15:00 = Rice farming & production tour 15:00-16:00 = Break, free activity 16:00-17:30 = Children traditional games 17:30-19:00 = Shower, free activity 19:00-20:00 = Dinner 20:00-22:00 = Eel hunting (ngobor), chat with locals 22:00 = Back to homestay, sleep Day 2, Sunday, Oct 26, 2014 5:00-5:30 = Wake up alarm, preparation 5:30-6:00 = Travel from Sukaratu to Lampegan 6:00-6:20 = Visit Lampegan tunnel and station 6:20-6:40 = Travel from Lampegan to Gunung Padang 6:40-10:00 = Breakfast, explore Gunung Padang 10:00-11:00 = Travel from Gunung Padang back to Sukaratu 11:00-12:00 = Free activity 12:00-14:00 = Lunch, shower, check out 14:00-18:00 = Travel from Sukaratu to Jakarta via Jonggol. Stop by at snack/souvenir shop