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  1. @deffa Try to get the dry and crispy ones otherwise you'll have to chew the innards. Just imagining those edible but revolting innards all over your mouth makes me wanna puke lol
  2. Never in my life would I ever eat insects ^^ The deep-fried frog tastes like KFC chicken skin fyi and it's not really that bad. It's not tasty at all but it's not bad at all!! Worms are disgusting... better stay away from em ^^
  3. There are two things in the world that I really love; travelling and Windows 8.1. I've been passionately travelling alone since I was 16. Even though there are only a few apps on Windows Store, which are top notch, but I've been using Windows 8 for 2 years and it has helped make my journey less tiring and a lot easier. Make an itinerary? Book a room? Navigate to interesting places? Want to speak Khmer? Translate thoughts into grammatically correct foreign speech? Calculate currency conversions correctly? These are some of the best travel apps available on Windows Store that I usually use when I travel. Bing Travel The Bing Travel app helps you explore the world and plan a perfect trip, from close-by destinations to far-flung getaways. The travel tools make it easy to search and book flights and hotel reservations, then check essentials such as flight status while you're on the go. Be inspired by 360-degree panoramas, slideshows, photos and videos of scenic spots around the globe, plus the latest travel news and trends. Then dig into the collection of expert guides to pinpoint the best travel experiences — there's so much to discover. XE Currency Handy for the non-mathematically inclined, XE Currency will show you up-to-the-minute exchange rates for just about any currency you can think of. Select the currencies you're dealing with, punch in the monetary amount, and then bask in the automatic-conversion goodness—it's as simple as that. XE Currency's live tile toggles between the various currencies you’ve selected in-app, showing their relative worth to your baseline currency. Now you can watch the value of the dollar plummet or see just how badly airport currency changers are ripping you off from the stylish comfort of your Windows 8 Start screen. GuidePal Guidepal is one of the best travel apps across all operating systems, not just Windows 8. They take the idea of the city guide and do it really well. You can search or scroll through the guides, which always have well curated locations. Aimed at the trendy bar hopping crowd with a few dollars to spare, not so much for backpackers. Easily switch to map view (my preferred mode of viewing) to pick your next outing. What you’ll find in GuidePal is only the <em>crème de la crème</em>: the hidden gems, the popular local hotspots and the must-see classics. Whether you decide to visit that vintage market, the fast food joint, or the latest culinary hotspot, or whether you’re in the city for four hours or four days, we can guarantee that you’ll have a superb, authentic experience. OutdoorMaps OutdoorMaps is the leading app for hikers, mountain climbers, mountain bikers, cyclists, inline skaters and other outdoor enthusiasts. A rich offer of free maps (MapQuest, Outdoors, OpenCycleMap, Landscape, Hike &amp; Bike, Terrain, Norway, Finland and more) is bundled with this app. Additional popular high quality maps by swisstopo, featuring the official Swiss hiking trails, are available as extra subsciptions. Skyscanner Need a cheap flight, fast? Search millions of routes on over 1,000 airlines and find the lowest priced flights in seconds with the free Skyscanner Windows app; save money, save time. Skyscanner sources the best deals then connects you to the airline or travel agent to make your booking directly, so you always get the best deals. It’s simple, independent, and finds the lowest fares fast. Booking.com Flight has been booked. Now the hotel! I always use Booking.com to book a room everywhere because it's really that good! The Booking.com app offers a quick, easy and secure way to find and book hotels wherever you are or wherever you’re planning to go, just as good as the web version. myTrip MyTrip it’s the indispensable app for the most demanding travelers with more than 28.000 places to explore all over the world, that helps you create your own trip in your own way, keep it offline when you are travelling over the world! It helps find extense information about where you'll make your travel to; the country history, artworks from museums, the place history, videos, photos, webcam imagery, destinations near you, geo-location... Everything in a nice UI. Once your trip is created, you can use it without internet connection, ready to use, wherever you go. Bing Translator The Bing Translator App for Windows is your companion when you need to quickly translate what you are looking at. Use your camera, say or just type the text you want to translate. Text and camera translation work offline with downloadable language packs, so you can get the power of Bing Translator on-the-go, even when you don't have an Internet connection. Source: denysetiyadi.co.uk
  4. Yep, pastinya! Saya bakal update terus di blog dan dishare ke sini n twitter juga
  5. @deffa tahun depan bro. saya 3 bulan di kamboja, terus mau pulang dulu ke indo 3-4 minggu terus ke kamboja lagi 3 bulan karena proyeknya blm selesai nih.
  6. @deffa didnt eat the scorpion, my friend did. I just tasted the finger-lickin tastily deep-fried frog haha
  7. Whilst most of us would consider eating these little critters as off-putting and something you wouldn’t catch up doing in a million years, in all over Southeast Asia, deep fried frogs, crickets, locusts and many more are considered being more than just a tasty treat. They are highly nutritious and not the sort of thing you eat every day. They are well and truly classed as special food and gobbled on for many a special occasion. In my time travelling in Southeast Asia I have indulged in scorpions on sticks, crispy fried frogs and curiously crunchy crickets. I have got to say they are delicious and I have been converted. My first experience was when I was presented with a scorpion on the well-known Kao San Road in Bangkok. I didn’t think twice and devoured it immediately. I must say out of the few I have tried, this one is the hardest to keep down and larger than the others. Since then in Prek Eng, Cambodia on an evening walk around the local market with two fabulously friendly volunteers from Indonesia with whom I am volunteering with, we decided to have a fun fear factor session. I was slightly apprehensive this time around mainly due to sobriety but I went for it and before I knew it, the deep-fried frog was gone. It was truly <em>Chengan Na</em> (Delicious - in Khmer), tasting like crispy chicken skin and most definitely moreish. Flanna eating the oh-so-tasty deep-fried frog >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGA21hJvP3g. I did feel a bit sorry for the poor thing but heck it was tasty. Between then and now, I have unfortunately not had the opportunity to eat anymore until two nights ago. During our evening meal that we all happily spend together, one of the Cambodian students who lives with us proudly presented two bowls of crispy crickets. Another volunteer from Hong Kong who I must say has more than a slight fear of insects and creepy crawlies, did not seem too keen but after a little bit of persuasion there she was nibbling away. She too was surprised and it was a fantastic photo moment. I am not sure if she is going start eating them for breakfast but this was highly amusing for the locals and very quickly our dinner table was filled with joy and laughter. If you are reading this and thinking yuckk, give it a go yourself and see how tasty these little critters can really be! Flanna Lindsay from denysetiyadi.co.uk
  8. Hallo bro! Maaf baru bisa bales sekarang masih di Phnom Penh nih ^^ Karena keterbatasan koneksi internet saya jadi inaktif sementara di forum ini, tapi mulai sekarang mau aktif lagi aaaah...
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