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  1. Next trip .. Seam Reap Combodia this month .. 27 - 30 september 2013.. hope i can see you there guyz...

  2. PODs the Backpackers Home 6-1, No 30 Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Find your way to KL Sentral. From there make your way out of the building heading towards the Tun Sambathan Main Road. - if the bus drops you at the arrival terminal gate, walk into the building, look for the exit to TUN SAMBATHAN, head towards an escalator that takes you down to a temporary construction walkway. - if the bus drops you off right where the temporary construction walkway is, follow the crowd and head towards the main road to Jalan TUN SAMBATHAN walk down the road until you get to the main traffic lights at somewhere that looks like a T- Junction. Cross the road and walk past Public Bank on your right and a petrol station on your left. Take the first right turn after Old Town White Coffee and keep going straight towards Hotel Sentral. We are allocated on the same block as the hotel, right at the end. Located opposite of KL Sentral, Malaysia's hub for transportation in and out of Kuala Lumpur City, PODs The Backpackers Home offers affordable accommodation without compromising on the cleanliness and atmosphere. rest. assured. Local tourist attractions are easily accessible. PODs offer trips and links to roads less travelled, such as hanging out on an Orang Asli Hut. For the more adventurous, Friends Of PODs has many exciting hikes and treks leading into the Malaysian rainforest and quietly hidden crystal clear waterfalls, (did we mention the heavenly beaches) specially packaged for quick short trips. You may also join our free R2B2 wheelie rides and experience the Malaysia through the eyes of the locals. PODs is situated in an area where lots of goverment and religious centers focus on the development of the less fortunate, such as the deaf and blind community and orphanages PODs provides discounts for travellers working in NGO's or come from the community mentioned above. To qualify, please contact us through our website. Our Single and Double PODs are partitioned spaces, giving some privacy away from the main 14 and 4 bed dorms. The PODs have mattresses on raised platforms to give a Zen like feel. Some come with ceiling to floor lengthed tinted windows, all have individual fans. Shared lights goes out at 11pm. Our dorms have double bunk beds and are in a large area with plenty of personal space. This is to keep the space : 1. Airy- PODs partitioned walls are not full to the ceiling to promote good air circulation 2. Bright- thus no curtains just tinted windows 3. Clean- no shoes and no smoking on all floors Each floor has two eco friendly kampong (village) design hot water shower cabins. Central air con units are placed stratigically to cool the floors and all designs and themes that have been put up are chosen as best to compliment and promote our eco friendly theme, which is, to be simple, and always go green = less is best, and when traveling, respect the earth! Toilets and bathrooms are shared. ------------------------------------- Our Hostel only deals with cash and we charge a deposit of RM10 per person upon check in, which will be refunded when you check out. -------------------------------------- Hostel style premises are not suitable for children below 18. -------------------------------------- Group Bookings: PODs cannot guarantee that groups will be put in the same dorms, due to uncontrollable circumstances. But will try our best to do so. -------------------------------------- Our Check In times are 1pm and Check Out is at 12pm. Early Check In is subject to bed availability.
  3. yes geng.... terletak berhampiran dgn KL Sentral ... x jauh dgn Little India di Brckflield... berhampiran dgn LRT untuk ke Pasar Seni ,Masjik Jamek ,Dataran Merdeka dan Kotaraya ... tiket LRT hanya RM1.40 sahaja .... sebetulnya pernginapan ini milik teman saya gang... jadi mudah utk teman2 Forum jalan2.com menginapnya...
  4. Hai bro deffa n bro or sis... Welcome to kuala lumpur... Kapan ke KL?....Dari bukit bintang ke bandaraya tidak perlu naik teksi.... Better jalan kaki... Coz jaranya tidak jauh... My office di bukit bintang aja bro/sis... Coz bukitr bintang adalah centre area utk kemana2... Hanya jln kaki ke klcc twin tower, kl tower n byk tempat yg boleh dilawati....utk ke chinatown hanya kurang lebih 20 minit jln kaki.. Byk bus khas percuma disediakan (pupple line) boleh membawa anda ke mana2 mengikut routenya... Dari peneng ke kl jarahnya hampir 6 jam perjalanan bro/sis... Seawal bas jam 9 pagi n lastbas 11.30 mlm.... If you need more info pls do not hesitate to contact my number 0129794964...
  5. haii salam kenal bro.... saya asli Malaysia .. tinggal di Kuala Lumpur dan sudah bekerja bro...
  6. salam kenal sis...... ohh tinggal di Bangi yaa.....
  7. nice info ..... untuk makanan halal teman2 tidak perlu risau ya.. coz dimana2 aja terdapat warung yg menjual nya .... mau yg murah atau mahal ... pilih aja.. the choice is yours .... welcome to kuala lumpur...
  8. salam kenal bro or sis kevin ..... terserah ... harga sepanjang tahun .... tp harus dibooking awal bro... coz kawasannya aja di centre Kuala Lumpur... so kiranya ianya menjadi tumpuan ramai backpacker ...
  9. bukan bro... ini harga sepanjang tahun ... tp kena booking awal ...
  10. Salam bro2 semua.... Ini antara penginapan badget yg terdapat di KL... Amat sesuai utk teman2 backpacker... Lokasi yg sngat bagus... Harganya bermula dgn rm26... Untuk lg murah better anda booking melalui facebooknya sahaja...
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