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  1. if its not much of a trouble for you could you share with me your itinerary back then when you went to Japan, especially the details about the transportation that you used to travel around. :)
  2. because I've got nothing planned this new years eve LoL , and also considering the nature of my job I dont think I could get many chances where I can take long days off. Btw, have you ever went to Japan before?
  3. Hi guys, mau tanya nih, di sini sudah ada yang pernah ikut Open Water Diving Course yang untuk pemula kah? biasanya butuh berapa hari ya untuk menyelesaikan kursus nya ini? Apakah dari pihak pemberi kursusnya ada jadwal tersendiri atau mengikuti permintaan kita? mungkin ada tempat kursus yg recommended di Jakarta? Sekalian mungkin agan2 bisa share pengalamannya waktu ambil kursus ini dulu
  4. Is that so? haha btw if you dont mind me asking where in Thailand will you be going? Thank you Deffa! I very much appreciate it Hi kyosash! Thank you for your welcome! I'm new here so I hope you dont mind showing me the ropes when the chances come. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
  5. Hi Deffa, nice to be your acquaintance! From what I have seen looks like you are the most active moderator around here so I'm glad to know you :) I'm looking for mates to travel with to Japan at the end of the year and I did post it under the appropriate forum but I still got no luck till this moment haha, well if you happen to stumble someone with the same plan as I do would you mind giving them a word about me or the other way around?
  6. Hi, I have been interested in traveling for the longest time but haven't got any chances to get to it sadly due to various circumstances, money mostly lol. But now that I am making decent moneys I can finally get to do this! I'm looking forward for your acquaintance and guidance P.S: I like to chat in English and happen to have a not-so-bad score in IELTS so if you are looking for a partner to chat in English or maybe you just want to learn a bit more about English it would be my pleasure to help you
  7. Hi, Is the chat still up and active? I'd like to join please :)
  8. Hi, I'm just looking for mates to travel with to Japan through Xmas till New Year's Eve, so about 5 days give or take. Anyone is welcomed! For now its only me and myself, haven't got the itinerary written down yet much less the exact dates to go and back. You can invite your friends along if you want, THE MORE THE MERRIER! :D
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