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Komodo Tours Indonesia


www.ktwtours.com is an Internet Marketing Development Division of Komodo Trans Wisata based in Labuan Bajo Flores links to entire network throughout Indonesia from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lesser Sunda islands, Borneo Sulawesi and Papua and many more remotes destinations in the eastern part of Indonesia.


www.ktwtours.com will do all our best to serve you good care and better arrangements and make sure that your trip become satisfactory. We will try to find all best alternatives to suit your tour. However we do not accept any liability and any responsibilities of natural disaster, accident, injury, damage, loss, delay or reschedule from airlines , negligence ,unpredictable weather, additional expenses (excess baggage, etc)and irregularities beyond our control


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Days 01 : Bali – Labuan Bajo – Rinca Island- Kalong island (L.D)
Depart from Bali flight to Labuan Bajo (the gate way to Komodo National Park) for approximately one and half hours. On arrival our tour guide be welcomes and direct transfer to the harbour to catch boat sail to Rinca. island ( Loh Buaya) Lunch will serve boat. On arrival in Rinca, start you’re trekking to see Komodo Dragons and other wild animal (deer, pigs, monkey, buffaloes and kind of birds).after trekking sail Kalong island ( Dinner and overnight on boat.)
Days 02 : Rinca – Komodo Island – Pink Beach – Labuan Bajo (B.L.D)
 Pantai merahEarly morning  sail to Komodo Island.Breakfast on boat. On arrival, start you’re trekking as you have done at Rinca Island. After trekking back to the boat proceed  sail to Pink Beach for swimming, snorkelling and relaxing in unspoiled coral reef and fish. Lunch will serve on boat. Afterwards, proceed sail to Labuan Bajo, on arrival direct check in at Bintang Flores Hotel or similar ( dinner and overnight.)
Day 03 : Labuan Bajo – Mirror Cave – Bali (B)
Breakfast at hotel, than proceed for city sightseeing, visit the local market and Mirror Cave (Batu Cermin). and then direct transfer to the airport for flight to Bali

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